Tokyo Marui Scar-L Recoil Flat Dark Earth (178679-505)


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Tokyo Marui Scar-L Recoil Flat Dark Earth

The design and development of next-generation electric gun SCAR-L, measured a real thing in the United States mainland, thoroughly analyzed in detail.

I sought was particular about not only the reproduction of detail, such as barrel anodized and receiver carved from aluminum, also to reproduce the texture of the original, the reality of about Convincing and genuine.

Shoot and recoil engine: intense reaction to bolt is activated at the same time as the fire by pulling a trigger, occurred within the body but it also transmitted to the whole body.

In addition, I adopt the auto stop system to stop working fire magazine is empty.

It has become a model in pursuit of reality and operability operation.

I adopt the metal material in various parts such as the outer barrel and receiver: realize the rigidity distinguished.

It not only creates the texture and the same weight as the real thing, I realize the rigidity of the relief in the game use.

I reproduce in both function and style folding stock characteristic: folding stock.

And it is with adjustable height, respectively, of teak piece the length of the stock.

You can use the adjustment tool provided, to fine-tune the dial operation, respectively, left and right and top and bottom of the front and rear site site: adjustable front / rear site.

For various muzzle option: if I remove the flash hider muzzle, it is possible to install a muzzle option of 14mm reverse thread type and silencer.

Pressed steel made in magazine: 68 shot magazine capacity, magazine of real size that employs a pressed steel outer case made of real like is attached.

※ There is not compatible magazine with standard electric gun type.

■ shoot and recoil engine auto stop system ■ ■ with variable hop-up system deployment ■ full auto (volley) / semi-auto switching type (one-off)

Total length
635 mm (Stock at the time of folding) / 826 mm / 899 mm (stock at the time of extension)

(Including empty magazine) 3,300 g

6mm BB

Gun height
300 mm

Power source
-Mini S battery (※ 1)

82 departure

Type name

※ 1: the battery, please use the “8.

4V 1300mAh nickel-metal hydride battery-mini S”.

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